One Big Vote

Plumer has details on the massive draft energy bill:

...we still don't know how much of the money raised through the permit auctions will be rebated back to consumers, so as to cushion the blow of higher fossil-fuel prices. That gets a big "TBD" in the draft bill. It's also interesting that Waxman and Markey decided to make this a big omnibus measurewith cap and trade plus a renewable-power requirement for utilities plus no-brainer efficiency incentives plus low-carbon transportation fuel standards, plus... There's an ongoing argument about whether Congress should try to split these items up, and pass them incrementally, or lump them all together and put them up for one big do-or-die vote. I go back and forth on what the best political strategy for Democrats is here, but it's something to note. Pelosi wants the whole thing passed through the House by July. But everyone knows the Senate's where the real gladiatorial combat occurs.