NR's Editorial: Wrong On The Facts

Nate Silver looks at this point in the National Review editorial arguing that the government should have no interest in the welfare of its gay citizens: 

Contrary to common perception, however, the public is not becoming markedly more favorable toward same-sex marriage. Support for same-sex marriage rose during the 1990s but seems to have frozen in place (at least according to Gallup) since the high court of Massachusetts invented a right to same-sex marriage earlier this decade.

Not true when you examine all data:


Yes, there's some backlash, but an idea regarded as absurd twenty years ago when I first wrote in favor of it now has over 40 percent support, and among those under 45, the marriage or civil union option is favored by 64 percent. In California, everyone concedes that support keeps going up - as the 2008 vote was far closer than the 2000 one.