Mind The Gap, Ctd.

Von at Obsidian Wings seconds Clive Crook on Obama's apparent indifference to long-term deficits. After advocating means-testing Social Security, he writes:

President Bush was an irresponsible captain of our financial ship.  That's one reason why I didn't vote for him in 2004.  But it's no excuse for President Obama to be more irresponsible.  Two wrongs still do not make a right, even under President Obama.  Obama's budgets have consistent structural deficits and a growing debt that exceeds even Bush's excesses.  They are not sustainable.  If President Obama wants to lead on this issue -- if he truly wants to be change worthy of belief -- he needs to level with the American people:  you cannot have a puppy and a pony and a showdog too unless you are going to pay for it.