Iraq's Civil War, Ctd

Another sign of the same sectarianism that gave us the last wave of mass murder in occupied Iraq, and the green shoots of the next major Sunni and Qaeda insurgency. Notice how the insurgents are targeting a major Shiite mosque, exactly the tactic that precipitated the last wave of violence in Samarra:

A bomb left in a plastic bag exploded Wednesday near the most important Shiite shrine in Baghdad, killing seven people and wounding 23, police said. The blast occurred in the same neighborhood where an infant was rescued from a burning car the day before following an explosion that killed his mother... Last January, a man dressed as a woman blew himself up near the shrine, killing more than three dozen people and wounding more than 70.

Glenn Reynolds needs to keep the victory champagne going. It would be dreadful if reality interrupted, wouldn't it? Or how long before Obama is blamed for "losing" Iraq?