Gays In The Church

Dreher sneers:

I had wondered when Andrew was going to get around to explaining Catholicism to the Pope, and showing why the clear commands of Scripture against, and two millenia of plain Christian moral teaching got it wrong on gay sex. Hey, if George W. Bush can claim that "we don't torture," despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, and still find an audience of true believers, I'm sure Andrew will be able to convince homophiles that Christianity couldn't possibly be against homosexuality, because that's not the kind of thing Christianity could possibly be against. There's enough casuistry and question-begging to go around for everybody.

Dreher has obviously never read my book on homosexuality, which deals deeply with scripture and Christian doctrine, or my many essays on homosexuality and Catholicism, or my long wrestling with natural law, or an entire body of work devoted specifically to these questions, and to resolving them as honestly as I can. I know much of this work was done a decade or more ago, but to demand that I "get around" to subjects I have spentĀ  my career exploring is a little much.

I ask Rod again: try Chapter One of Virtually Normal. It has been published in many languages and was just released in Slovenia of all places. It's my best shot.