Gay Marriage = Religious Freedom

Wilkinson passes this along. It's a calm debunking of the last somewhat desperate argument by the anti-marriage equality advocates - that civil equality somehow destroys religious freedom. If anything, it seems to me, the public banning of civil marriage for gay couples itself privileges one religious conception of marriage against another. We forget how many people of faith support marriage equality. But we do not want to restrict the freedom of those who seek to champion heterosexual civil marriage; we merely seek an equal place at the table.

And that is surely the core difference between those who favor marriage equality and those who oppose it. We see this as both-and; they see it as either-or. I love and revere heterosexual marriage and want it defended and celebrated alongside my own; they regard my civil marriage as an abomination to be banned and kept inferior to their own. I think that core difference is why we're winning - because, in the end, Americans like to see freedom expanded, not curtailed, and they are adult enough and secure enough to live with those they disagree with: