Email Of The Day

A reader writes:

So Gallagher and her followers are afraid of a 'coming storm.'  Well, I would love to tell her about the many storms which my partner of 25 years and I have already weathered.  There was the time 11 years ago when she was doubled over in pain and unable to speak. I had to carry her to the ER, but was denied entrance into her room and not consulted on medical decisions because I was not her 'legal next of kin.'  Then there was the time a year ago when I changed jobs and could no longer cover Mary or our 10 year old child Emily under my health insurance because I am not 'related' to either of them by biology, adoption, or marriage. Or how about the time when I feared losing my job because a man, accused and found guilty of sexual harassment of women, accused me of favoritism to the women on my staff. 

Oh, yeah, what about all the questions we have to answer to verify that we are eligible for a joint or family membership every time we fill out a health form for camp for our daughter, or join a gym, pool, or other community services center.  Finally, what about the rudeness that our daughter endures from the kids of her followers asking about her "GAY" parents.  Should we really have to live through those storms?

The reality is that those who stand against gay marriage have no logical, legal, or societal arguments against the simple acknowledgment of fairness, equality, and liberty so they have to resort to lies.  It is the beginning of the end for them.  If only we didn't have to wait so long to taste the fairness we deserve.