Cheney Backs Full Disclosure?

I can only verify this from the Drudge Report, but Cheney is apparently asking that the results of the torture sessions he approved be declassified and made public. I'll wait for the full interview, but this seems to me to be a real opportunity to set up the Truth Commission many of us have been asking for. Release all the data on the torture - all of it - alongside the intelligence we got from it. At least then we will have the data needed to see this in full perspective. It needs to be in context and it needs to be assessed by an independent panel - bipartisan and widely respected - along the lines of the 9/11 Commission. Decisions to prosecute could be made after all the material is laid out. This will take time - and should be done carefully and exhaustively. But it is vital if the US is to remain within the legal and moral bounds of Western civilization.