Checking The Blogopshere, Ctd

My bad. Glenn Reynolds did indeed mention the NSA spying scandal. The NYT reports today:

The intelligence officials said the problems had grown out of changes enacted by Congress last July in the law that regulates the government’s wiretapping powers, and the challenges posed by enacting a new framework for collecting intelligence on terrorism and spying suspects.

While the N.S.A.’s operations in recent months have come under examination, new details are also emerging about earlier domestic-surveillance activities, including the agency’s attempt to wiretap a member of Congress, without court approval, on an overseas trip, current and former intelligence officials said.

What is Reynolds' spin? "Change you can believe in." So the apparatus set up under Bush, with abuses that reach back into the Bush administration, are described as entirely a function of Obama's taking office. In fact, the review that found these abuses, started at the end of the Bush administration but continued through the current one. Ah, yes, that principled libertarian. If Republicans do it, it's patriotism. If Democrats do it, it's dictatorship.