Cannabis Dissent

A reader writes:

I'm not surprised to hear people come out in support of legalizing pot. It has been shown to be pretty harmless, relative to other drugs, not to mention the potential economic benefits.

But, I am surprised that mature adults talk about it in such a favorable light. It is a drug, and it can be dangerous, much like alcohol is dangerous. The feeling of being high is fantastic, and that is precisely the problem; it is better than being sober; it is better than reality. When you are high, you are in a state of bliss, but you cannot function properly. When you are not high, you wish you were high to escape the doldrums and difficulties of everyday life. Even though it's not physically addicting, it can be very psychologically addicting, causing people to lose motivation and desire to do anything else.

So, while I'm in favor of the legalization of pot and appreciate the fact that a lot of people partake, I am also acutely aware of its dangers and don't think it should be promoted as a harmless activity.

It isn't entirely harmless; just much less harmful than alcohol.