Cannabis Dissent, Ctd.

Many readers vehemently disagreed with this dissent. One writes:

Your reader writes that "[e]very penny spent on those illegal drugs eventually goes to very bad people - terrorists, torturers, and murders!" That statement is absurd.  The marijuana being smoked by the people I know is grown in northern California, usually by farmers known to those who are doing the smoking.  I can at least speak for the Bay Area when I say that dirtweed-swinging Mexican cartels are not doing brisk business in our neck of the woods.

Another writes:

Legalization solves that problem 100%.  To blame this outcome on the pot smokers rather than the puritanical politicians who created the system in which drug money can ONLY go to criminals is idiotic.


It's equivalent to thinking that buying a new car is an endorsement of cataclysmic climate change.


Unfortunately, the conclusion that your reader has come to isn't borne of reason or careful deliberation, it is direct absorption of the anti-drug propaganda pumped into our social consciousness since marijuana became taboo. In the 1930s, the argument went that every penny spent on pot went into the hands of "very bad people", except that they were black jazz musicians or lascivious immigrants bent on deflowering your white daughter. That argument has merely evolved into the very bad people being terrorists and torturers - the bogeymen du jour.


I agree with your other reader who says he quit smoking pot because it funded criminality. That's why I make a point of buying my stash directly the from the guy (actually, the guy and his wife) who grow it locally. Oh, and he's a public high school history teacher.