Cameron's Conservatism, Ctd.

Tim Montgomerie was upset by my post. He writes:

...don’t exaggerate the importance of David Cameron’s emphasis on green issues and his respect for same-sex partnerships. I happen to support the “decontamination” of the Conservative brand but, because it was first pursued at the expense of traditional Tory values rather than alongside them, it took the party perilously close to defeat in 2007. If Gordon Brown had called a General Election during his honeymoon period, he would have probably won. The Tories only avoided defeat by taking a decidedly right turn. The October 2007 promise to abolish inheritance tax for nearly all Britons was decisive in rescuing David Cameron’s leadership.

Tim doesn't contradict anything I've been saying. A tougher line on taxing and spending than the left is vital. But accepting the reality of climate change and gay couples is still essential and it still hasn't happened in the GOP. Those are particularly important threshhold debates for the next generation. But dogma - economic and religious - keeps getting in the way.