Be Not Afraid, Rod Ctd.

Dreher's responded to Linker and me. John Schwenkler tackles him:

...orthodox Christians and others who share a similar conception of human sexuality and the proper nature of the family, are presently so inadequate to this task constitutes a serious failing – a failing of of the sort that has left many great traditions of the past lying dead by the wayside of history.

But that need not happen [with marriage equality]; to keep it from happening, however, will require the real work of grappling with this and similar present and future inadequacies and finding ways to adapt our tradition to address them. Extending the title of civil marriage to homosexual couples, while still attempting to retain as much as possible of the Christian conception of sexuality and the nuclear family, would be one way to meet this challenge; and while there are other responses that are feasible in principle, it is hard to imagine many of them working out in practice. But if our tradition is nothing more than a traditionalism, if it is something that is living rather than dead, it needs to show itself adequate to recognizing this and similar challenges and finding within itself the resources to address them.