Afraid Of No One

Wired interviews Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Stone:

"Trey and I used to say we'd stop doing the show by the time we were 40 because we wouldn't be cool anymore, but Trey's almost 40 now so maybe we'll change that to 50."

I've watched this season as avidly as usual. It may be their best ever. Last night did something that only South Park regularly does in any medium: it still retains the capacity to shock. The laughter comes from real subversion, from not just crossing red lines but going so far past them you forget the red lines exist. It isn't just puerile bravado either (not that there's anything wrong with that). Parker and Stone actually take on powerful entities, people that can actually harm them and their careers. Who else has tackled Islamists, scientologists, and the Disney company? Who else is able to use the word "faggot" and have every gay man laugh along with them? Who skewers the Hollywood left more effectively?

Or in three words that sum it all up: Martha Stewart's queef.

No, I don't have the balls to put it above the jump. Watch it if you dare. But do not watch it if you have any squeamishness about anything. But mazel tov, Matt and Trey and the entire gang. You don't just still have it. You're still reinventing and reimagining what you have.