Thoreau opines:

Oakland wants to tax medical marijuana. It still has to go to voters, but if approved I predict that this tax would entrench the legal status of medical pot in a way that no other measure possibly could.

The interesting part of the new poll on this is how Independent voters have emerged as the strongest cadre of decriminalizers:

Support for legalizing small amounts of marijuana for personal use is nearly twice as high among young adults (57 percent of those under 30) as seniors (30 percent), with middle-aged Americans split about evenly. Nearly six in 10 liberals like the idea; just 36 percent of conservatives agree. Politically, more independents are in favor (53-44 percent), Democrats divide evenly and Republicans broadly are opposed, 28-69 percent. Support's highest of all among people who express no religious preference, 70 percent; and lowest among evangelical white Protestants, 24 percent.