"Makers And Takers," Ctd.

Doug at Balloon Juice takes a whack:

“Work versus welfare broadly conceived”? It’s the latest variation on compassionate conservatism and “Sam’s Club conservatism”, some nonspecific crap about how you don’t want to screw the poor, you just want to make sure they’re really sweating for the scraps you throw to them. Really, this kind of thing is so contentless that it it should be explained with Boehner-style bubble diagrams.

May the Lord protect me from compassionate conservatism. There's nothing compassionate about this, and it's very distant from redirecting public money to favored Christianist constituencies. It's about centering conservatism back on its individualist, free enterprise, small, transparent and effective government roots. Since I offered many details of the kinds of policies I'm against, it's hard to see how this is "contentless." I know it's a very rough and ready framework. And I know too that many of us are both makers and takers. The point is to do all we can to encourage the making and minimize the taking.