Women Online

Here's an interesting discussion of internet porn and the women who engage in it for free:

In the long run online life becomes more pervasive and exciting than real life, and this causes a fracture. You are spending so much time online that you are neglecting other aspects of your life. You realize that it’s increasingly difficult to do both, so you have to decide. You have to make a choice and leave part of you behind: are you going to choose your family and your community, or are you going to chose your expanded, never ending potential to be whoever you want to be? Either way, it’s damaging and I think it’s particularly damaging for women who still find themselves in more stringently defined social roles. For them to choose to abandon those roles, or to choose to decide that they will give up on online life because of how much it is taking away from their ‘real life’, both decisions come with significant and often very painful consequences.