When The Washington Post Calls Waterboarding "Torture"

When it's done by the Khmer Rouge:

His victims -- most of whom were either disgraced members of the Khmer Rouge or their families -- were tortured with electric shocks, waterboarding or beating to extract a confession, which would implicate new victims... Among the four forms of torture he officially condoned, they said, was pouring water up victims' noses.

Note also that repeated beatings are also put in the "torture" category, another technique that the Washington Post does not describe as torture when authorized by president Bush. It's rare you see a leading newspaper reveal that it has one set of moral standards for non-Americans and another one for the people they socialize with.

Remember: we don't torture. When Bush said that he meant: when we do it, it's not torture. And the WaPo and the AP and the NYT's news divisions agree.