What's Up With Nebraska?

Lee Sigelman peruses a new CDC study on cell-phone only households:

No surprise that DC tops the list (with 25.4%), but take a gander at the states that follow close behind: Oklahoma (25.1%), Utah (23.9%), Nebraska (22.4%), and a bunch of other, er, unlikely-seeming places. For a full listing, scroll down to Table I in the Report or click on the “Behind the Numbers” link below.

I’m just not seeing a forest in all these trees. Any ideas about what might account for the substantial interstate variability?

From the comments section:

“Cell phone only” at the state level is correlated negatively with age (r=-0.25) and median income (r=-0.45) and positively associated with levels of interstate migration (r=0.22) and percent renters (r=0.1). Utah is young, Oklahoma is poor, DC has lots of renters. Don’t know what’s up with Nebraska.