The above is an Israeli short detailing how it must feel to be a Palestinian trapped in the hell-hole of Gaza. More here. Of course, I have yet to see any Arab shorts about the insecurity of Israeli citizens under rocket attack. But the plight of each is nonetheless hard to compare. The Gazans have it much worse, and Netanyahu seems unperturbed. Joe Klein writes:

For a great many of us--Jews who support Israel, but not these policies--this government is an embarrassment. In fact, according to a recent poll conducted for the liberal group J Street, 60% of American Jews oppose the expansion of settlements and 69% oppose Lieberman's participation in the government. According to that same poll, 72% believed the US should exert pressure on both sides to move toward a deal--a policy one hopes Barack Obama will have the courage to pursue.

I thought the president's formulation last night was pitch-perfect: "the status quo is unsustainable." Anyone who cares about Israel should realize that.

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