The neocons are escalating the attacks. Goldfarb pounces. Martin Kramer pores through past statements to find some paydirt. Marty piles on:

Attached to Kramer's latest Sandbox blog is an earlier one to which you can link, "Freeman and 9/11." It contains a photo of the very self-satisfied Saudi princeling Alwaleed and the nervous, hands-folded Chas Freeman asking the royal for cash. 

Lovely. No evidence yet, by the way, of Freeman's "hostility to Jews generally." That kind of charge can simply be leveled without back-up. You will notice in the comments to Jake Tapper's piece how the accusation that Freeman is an anti-Semite is ubiquitous. There is a mindset out there that sees only two positions vis-a-vis Israel: total support ... or anti-Semitism. We will soon see if that binary view of the world is shared by the president.

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