A reader writes:

I work for a small, 5-year old non-profit arts organization in Illinois.  A couple of our usual big donors have indicated we should be prepared for smaller donations this year, and possibly none in the next couple of years.  The are mentioning Obama's tax plans and their need to save money now in anticipation of that.  A lot of my colleagues in the not-for-profit world are really scared right now, and we are not happy with Obama.  We hear the rhetoric that the government is going to have a reserve to give to non-profits that will make up for some of the lost donations, but the fact is, we have never received federal aid, and likely never would (assuming the organization could even make it that far).  Organizations are going to be killed under Obama's plan.  I may have voted myself out of a job, and voted a whole community of kids out of art-making opportunities.  Frankly, this sucks.

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