A reader writes:

As a 25 year old married veteran recently out of the Navy, I actually am hopeful for the future thanks to the "21st Century GI Bill" that starts in August. It will pay for my tuition outright if my grades remain good and provide us with a living stipend that is enough for rent, utilities, food, health care and a tiny bit of savings for emergencies, enabling me to work just a part-time job to pay for my wife's tuition and books at the community college.

Without this new GI Bill, going to school this fall as a junior at a state university would have left me with far less money per month to the point that I would have had to seriously consider student loans to cover our living expenses. Thanks to those who successfully pushed for this last summer, a lot of post-9/11 veterans can look toward the harsh economic times with a lot less fear, at least while we are in school.

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