Those of us who have followed the torture story from the first signs of the Bush-Cheney cancer were alarmed by the use of doctors. My 2006 Time essay on this is here. But the new and devastating leaks from the Red Cross reveal the depth of the professional betrayal. A reader notes:

This from KSM’s testimony:

“a doctor was always present, standing out of sight behind the head of [the] bed, but I saw him when he came to fix a clip to my finger which was connected to a machine. I think it was to measure my pulse and oxygen content in my blood. So they could take me to [the] breaking point."

Who were these doctors?

A good question. They need to be stripped of their medical licenses and put on trial. But only alongside the war criminals who gave the orders: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Tenet, Rice and many others.

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