The Resurrection Of Nuclear

Bradford Plumer notes that long-time nuclear energy foe George Monbiot is reconsidering. Here's Plumer:

The main question about relying on nuclear power for carbon-free energy is the fact that new plants are hugely expensive (and current projects are being plagued by cost overruns and material bottlenecks). One new study pegged the generation costs of new power from nuke plants at 25 to 30 cents per kilowatt-hourtriple current electricity rates. But, as Monbiot notes, any preferred low-carbon alternativerenewable power, efficiency improvementswill eventually hit diminishing returns, which is why we need to keep a wide range of options open. (Indeed, this is why even Joe Romm, no great fan of nuclear power, expects nukes to provide one of his 14 "stabilization wedges," solutions that will help the world keep atmospheric carbon concentrations at manageable levels.)