The Gay "Fixation"

Dreher responds to Damon Linker and to me. He's the victim, apparently:

When Andrew and Damon accuse me of having a "fixation," what they must mean, what they could only mean, is that I refuse to agree with their position on gay marriage, and refuse to be silent about it. Note what is being done here, though: By casting the ordinary defense of normative Christian doctrine about homosexual relations as though it were a sort of mental illness, the pro-SSM side engages the issue not in a fair-minded discussion and debate about legitimate issues related to gay marriage and the normalization of homosexuality in our society, but as an ideological war to be won by any means necessary. Any critique of the pro-SSM side is to be treated as a sign of pathology. As a short-term rhetorical strategy, it's probably smart, given that most of the news media already agree with it. But walling yourself off in an ideological bubble, where you make no effort to try to understand why your opponents believe what they believe, and to try to grasp if they have a point, is neither fair, nor honorable, nor, in the long term, wise.

He also accuses me of having a "fixation" with gays. Er, yes?