The Cavalry Has Arrived?

Geithner was on Charlie Rose earlier this week, Larry Summers just gave a talk at Brookings, and Ben Bernanke is scheduled to appear on 60 Minutes this Sunday, his first TV interview:

Fed chairmen generally don’t grant on-the-record interviews, aiming to avoid settings that could confuse or unsettle markets. Of course, Mr. Bernanke delivers speeches regularly (with audience questions often carried on live TV) and testifies frequently before Congress. Last month, he took questions from reporters for the first time in a public setting in an appearance at the National Press Club. In addition, over the years select quotes from interviews with Mr. Bernanke (that were otherwise off-the-record) have occasionally appeared in news outlets.

After weeks of near silence, it's good to see America's top economic officials describing what's ailing the economy and how they plan to fix it.