Tim Murphy makes it:

Chemical castration doesn’t resemble surgical castration at all. It’s a monthly injection of a testosterone-lowering drug, in this case Depo-Lupron (leuprolide), which is used to treat prostate cancer, but can also lower the intensity of sexual urges. Jimmy, a debt collector, pays up to several hundred dollars a month for his 7.5mg injections. On the drug, he says, life is better. He has a new fiancée, and describes his sex life as “goodthat of a normal man.” He's no longer overwhelmed with the urge to flash strangers. "Life is more carefree," he says. "I can plan for events five or six months from now knowing I'll be home for them," rather than in jail. “If I wasn’t on [the drug], I wouldn’t be on the streets. I’d be locked up somewhere because I know I’d reoffend.”

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