The Cant Of Alan Dershowitz

A proud defender of torture postures as a strong opponent in order to defend the "free speech" rights of fellow torture-monger John Yoo. Here, via Scott Horton, is Dershowitz's dissatisfaction with using needles under the fingernails:

I want more painful. I want maximal pain, minimum lethality. You don’t want it to be permanent, you don’t want someone to be walking with a limp, but you want to cause the most excruciating, intense, immediate pain. Now, I didn’t want to write about testicles, but that’s what a lot of people use. I also wanted to be explicit because I didn’t want to be squeamish about it. People have asked me whether I would do the torturing and my answer is, yes, I would if I thought it could save a city from being blown up.

Yoo, of course, has said the president has the inherent constitutional right to crush the testicles of a child if he sees fit. But any attempt to prevent a war criminal from teaching in a law school is "left-wing McCarthyism".