A reader writes

I am a female to male transsexual, with friends transitioning in the opposite direction. I came across the story about Sarah Gronert, and I believe the rumors of her body having an advantage over other players is pure transphobia.  The article says she was born with both genitals, but this doesn't mean her body was capable of producing "normal" levels of testosterone for a biological male.  Even if her body was able to, the article says she has undergone surgery.  If she's gone through surgery, her testicles - assuming she had them - would be removed, and her body would be unable to produce that much testosterone.  I highly doubt this is a case of what her physical body is capable of; this sounds like the old "keep men out of women's spaces" fears.

Doesn't it matter when her surgery took place? Testosterone's impact can be felt even within the womb.

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