Rush War Update

It's a full-scale clusterfuck. Enjoy. Powerline:

Apparently, like Rush's liberal critics, Steele has never actually listened to Rush. Otherwise, it would never occur to him to call Rush's program "ugly."


Played right into the Left’s hands. Congratulations. This will do wonders for party fund-raising efforts…on the other side

Flopping Aces:

My Question: Are all you Rush hating libs now going to be donating to the Republican National Committee? If so, here’s the link to their fund raising site.


It's not easy watching a black guy stumble around in the dark, but really, I'm trying... The Republicans finally get an RNC Chairman of color and all they got was another dumb, potentially too moderate, gutless wonder of a Republican in the end. If nothing else, there is equality in that.

And Chait can't help stirring the pot.