Ross Douthat's New Gig

Marc offers his congratulations to the NYT's new op-ed columnist:

I think Ross is the sharpest, most innovative heterodox thinker of his generation, left or right.

The Atlantic has been a fabulous perch for Ross, but the Times offers a vantage point that is irresistible. Ross's motive force, whether it be as an editor, as a friend, as a bouncing board for ideas, as a writer, is irrepressible. As the chairman of the Atlantic would say, Ross is in his vertical hour.

Sorry to be late to this, but this is also, it strikes me, a boon to intelligent conservatism. Ross is able to make his case, especially on social issues, with a clarity and nuance almost totally lacking among the theocons. I'll miss him badly, but will read him compulsively.