Ross Douthat's New Gig, Ctd.

Damon Linker, one of Ross's regular sparring partners, praises the pick:

Ross's appointment represents a broadening of debate in the mainstream media. Unless I'm mistaken, he will be the first pro-lifer ever to write a column for what is still (by a wide margin) the premier daily newspaper in the United States. That he's also a committed orthodox Catholic who enjoys (and excels at) defending his beliefs against critics both serious and silly is a real bonus. Too many pro-life and devoutly religious Americans fall into one of two camps: Either they lack the intellectual ability to engage in conversation and argument with the wider culture, or else they use their intellect to rally their own side for political battle, content to mock and dismiss those outside their ranks. Ross deftly avoids both vices in his writing -- and American public life will be elevated because of it.