"Please don't get me wrong: I'm not equating the morality of the IDF to that of Hamas. The goal of Hamas is to murder innocent people; the goal of the IDF is to avoid murdering innocent people. But when the IDF fails to achieve its goal, and ends up inflicting needless destruction and suffering, it sullies not only its own name, but the name of the Jewish state. It risks making a just cause -- Jewish nationhood -- seem unjust, and it ultimately endangers what it's supposed to protect," - Jeffrey Goldberg.

Please don't get me wrong either. As I have noted what makes Israel so special in the Middle East, what makes her worth defending and protecting, is the fact that such a debate is taking place at all. But there is a terrible temptation when battling this kind of enemy: to succumb to its ethics. We have to find a way to keep our soul while battling what will at times be an asymmetrically losing battle. We will fail. But if we stop caring about failing, we have lost the war.

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