A reader writes:

I know Chas Freeman. More accurately, I've met him a few times and run in similar--if not as lofty--circles.

I just want to make one point: Chas is the kind of guy who, after you hear him speak, you always wish had power and influence. However, after you hear him speak, somehow you know deep down that he never will. It was so refreshing to see him nominated. That took balls.

Unfortunately, it's now quite clear that we--the American people, the Washington establishment, the Obama Administration officials who failed to stick up for him, Chuck Schumer--don't deserve him.

As the dust settles, I think Freeman's lively, over-the-top and obviously contrarian spirit - he'd be a natural blogger, wouldn't he? - is pretty fatal in Washington. And that means we have fewer choices and less talent in government. Which is, indeed, sad. But not exactly news.

* D'oh!

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