I'm a little wiped so I'm not going to live-blog tonight's presser after all. I'm going to have a life instead. But I do promise to read the transcript in the morning before reading anyone else's reax and post. Ambers will be there so check the Politics Channel later. Marc's preview:

Notice that almost every major economic decision President Obama is predicated on the theory of delayed and deferred pain: a stimulus package (money for people), bailouts (money for corporations), the creation of money by the government (money!).  Within six months, true tradeoffs will begin to make themselves apparent to the American people: will they tolerate higher taxes? Less Social Security? Higher short-term energy costs? Higher deficits? Higher interest rates?  Can they sacrifice the local (say, a coal plant) for the benefit of the global (emissions caps and biofuels?)  This is the hard sell, and the broad outlines of it begin tonight.

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