Dominic Lawson recounts a horrifying and harrowing story of a young Muslim girl - serially raped and abused by her fundamentalist father and then almost murdered because she dared to choose her own faith for herself:

Hannah’s description in the book of the moment when her “community” discovered the “safe” home where she had fled after becoming an apostate is terrifying. A mob with her father at its head pounded and hammered at the door as she cowered upstairs hoping she could not be seen or heard. She heard her father shout through the letter box: “Filthy traitor! Betrayer of your faith! Cursed traitor! We’re going to rip your throat out! We’ll burn you alive!”

Does she still believe they would have killed her? “Yes, without a doubt. They had hammers and knives and axes.”

But she didn't go to the police because they might have responded to such violence by treating it as a community norm. Between the hysteria of the Steynian far-right and the nihilism of the p.c. left, one begins to despair of any sane course of moderation in Europe's handling of Muslim immigrants and citizens.

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