Maybe the depression will force sanity into the law on marijuana:

It’s interesting that this discussion about potential marijuana revenue is getting a lit bit of traction out there. It seems that the best way to get some of these vices legalized is not to argue the moral route but instead to argue the financial one. It has worked for casinos and I have seen more than one ‘dry' county in my state begin to allow liquor sales when proponents successfully argued that it would help restaurants increase sales. I think we may see financial desperation work in favor of pro-marijuana legislation at least in places like California where it is already somewhat de-criminalized. How ironic that a drug which often symbolized counter-culture might get its strongest push from the forces of capitalism. Times they are a-changing….

Actually, not ironic at all. Capitalism has long been a powerful force for promoting social change before government ever gets around to it. Markets reflect a reality government is often insulated from. I don't believe, for example, the gay rights would have emerged without a strong economically vibrant gay middle class.

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