A reader writes:

I've been reading what you've written about the Chas Freeman affair. Allow me to compliment you on your astute view on the subject.

To call you an antisemite is not only absurd, it is a great insult to your intellect and ethics. And to your readership as well. The debate about Israel and Palestine is too important to be slowed down by knee-jerk outrage. As a Jewish reporter working for a magazine for the Jewish Community, based in Amsterdam, I hear the same worn-down neocon arguments around me all the time. Any dissent, any break with current ideology, any critique of the Jew-as-victim and Israeli-on-the-brink-of-annihilation paradigm is being thwarted in the name of Israeli national security and Jewish ethnic survival.

Rest assured, there are many readers out there who do not at all agree with the people who criticize you right now.

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