Dissent Of The Day

A reader writes:

So Reagan was civil. But he was relentlessly, viciously demonized, ridiculed, attacked, lambasted, excoriated constantly by the left - up to this very day. Called all sorts of names of which "extremist" was the mildest, treated with bad faith by the left repeatedly, had a senior statesmen of the Dems refer to him publicly as nothing more than "an amiable dunce." That was typical…

along with the smear that Reagan was a racist…the lowest and most cowardly imprecation that can be uttered in American politics.

And Reagan was not alone….the same was done to Goldwater…and Buckley…and Milton Friedman, quite recently…not to mention the execrable treatment at the hands of the left of Bork and Clarence Thomas…..

So Obama is civil is he? Tough shit! Left wing incivility, viciousness and intellectual dishonesty goes back well into at least the early '60's….I know…I was there….were you even born then? So good for Rush…give it to them as good as they gave to us…every day…they deserve it in spades.