A reader writes:

Re: What Prejudice Is, I appreciate this attitude, but I'd like to point out that just a few posts down, you celebrate Nikki Finke's argument with Peter Bart as some broader attack on the "MSM," with the implication that Bart's position stands in for the whole industry.

Furthermore, this minor tempest over whether the publishing industry deserves to die came from a report where one -- one -- panel at one convention showed some ignorance, and not from some broad reporting on publishers as a whole.

Please, please break the blogospheric mold and try to see outlets as unique entities and reporters as individuals.  Lumping us all together as the "MSM" is reductive and simplistic, a tool used by the Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkins of the world to discredit all disagreeable reporting.  No media operation is like another, and different eyes see different things.

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