A reader writes:

As someone who believes that being a homosexual is not a choice, I'm surprised that you would compare the use of cannabis being a homosexual. True both of these things can have a negative impact on a person's life if they are revealed, but whatever your opinion about sexuality, smoking weed is most definitely a choice, and it is most definitely a choice that is illegal right now.

I have very little sympathy for the man who lost custody of his children, considering that he knew he was choosing a lifestyle that could result in the loss of his children, and I find it very odd that he would refer to them as his "meds," as I would think that if he had a medically diagnosed condition resulting in the need to use weed as a pain killer he would have stated so.

The reason I find the parallel worthwhile is that not so long ago, gay sex was also illegal in many states and any declaration of one's sexual orientation risked legal consequences. Of course, being gay is far more integral to a person than smoking marijuana, and in no ways a choice the way marijuana use is. But the freedom to live one's life as one wishes without harming others is integral to Western civilization. In this area, we violate that core idea. And that is why this matter is neither trivial nor funny.

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