Dissent Of The Day II

A reader writes:

Although your post, "A Brutal Truth", may be accurate in some respects, it illustrates your huge blindness to what is currently going on.

If you recall, Bush left with some of the lowest approval numbers in history. This by definition means that many, many of the conservatives felt betrayed by Bush. We were not clouded in our thinking. We disliked his big spending ways all along. If we approved of his domestic spending and big government views, he would have maintained approval ratings closer to 50%, but he didn't.  We did not approve. These Tea Parties are an outgrowth of that, but more so a response to the fact that Obama has taken everything bad about Bush and doubled down so that he could be even worse!

But you sure did keep the volume down under Bush, didn't you? And the current economic crisis makes a judgment of the spending role of government a little different, no?