A reader writes:

A "Christian Hipster" as described in this article merely describes a person who both believes in Christ and explores the world for themselves, rather than taking their Pastor/Mother/Father/Dobson's opinion as unquestionable. I don't resent being lumped in with what should be a larger portion of American believers. I revel in it!

I love having conversations with southern, narrow-minded, cookie-cutter Christians, and watching one of two things happen. Either the light goes on, and they begin to ask questions and have a meaningful, exploratory discussion that is beneficial to the both of us, or an insecure fury begins to well up in their eyes, and things like "Well, the Bible says so, so that's what I believe..." start to bubble to the forefront of the debate, without any reference to where the Bible says it, or what context it was in. Honestly, I'm not sure which I enjoy more.

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