Hilzoy tackles Dreher:

Dreher seems to think that if we "legitimize homosexuality", all the ways in which we might morally criticize or praise sex would go flying out of our heads. The alternative to opposing gay marriage, in his view, seems to be one in which "the only rule guiding people's sexual behavior is their own desire". But why on earth should that be true? Why, for instance, would I suddenly find myself unable to figure out what's wrong with seducing someone else's partner just to spite that person, or having sex with people just to rack up conquests, or not being able to muster the energy to say no? Why should I suddenly become unable to say: sex is deep magic from before the dawn of time; it is strange and powerful and should not be entered into lightly; but done right, it is one of the most glorious things there is -- as opposed to just: I want some?

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