David Plotz on what he learned by reading the bible:

I began the Bible as a hopeful, but indifferent, agnostic. I wished for a God, but I didn't really care. I leave the Bible as a hopeless and angry agnostic. I'm brokenhearted about God.

After reading about the genocides, the plagues, the murders, the mass enslavements, the ruthless vengeance for minor sins (or none at all), and all that smitingevery bit of it directly performed, authorized, or approved by GodI can only conclude that the God of the Hebrew Bible, if He existed, was awful, cruel, and capricious. He gives us moments of beautysuch sublime beauty and grace!but taken as a whole, He is no God I want to obey and no God I can love.

And Jesus? I guess you have to buy it.

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