A Blogospheric Thriller

A new novel by Barry Eisler, Fault Line, contains characters with some very familiar names. Scott Horton interviews him about it here. Money quote:

Horton: The names in your novel read like a roll-call of the civil-liberties blogosphereyou Faultline225h have Hilzoy (Hilary Bok), Andrew Sullivan, Glenn Greenwald, and Josh Marshall worked in. And the man running the black ops killing program is named Scott Horton. Ahem. But I was also taken by the fact that characters in Fault Line turn continually to the blogsnot to newspapers, radio or televisionfor their information, and in the end of the book, for solutions to their dilemma. Would it be fair to call this a blogosphere thriller?

Eisler: More than fair. It was a pleasure for me to name so many characters after bloggers I admire, and to make blogs key to the characters’ hopes for defeating the conspiracy plotting to kill them. In making bloggers and blogs central, and, by implication, making the mainstream media moribund and irrelevant, I think Fault Line reflects reality–while, I hope, nudging reality along.

Could I get Jason Statham to play me in the movie? Or would I have to make do with Bob Hoskins?