A reader writes:

Thanks for your poem for Sunday by Lorca. Your timing couldn’t be better. Lorca is proof that internal struggle can and continuously has led to the production of great works of art; it reflects the potential of humankind, its ability to draw truth and beauty from adversity. In this, Lorca is surely one of the greatest and most gifted poets of the past century. His works are lyrical, wondrous and beautiful.

And this is the day for Lorca, moreover. That story you flagged yesterday concerning Baltasar Garzón and his inquiry into the Bush torture lawyers? Garzón is one of Lorca’s great champions in Spain. Among his tireless probes was an effort to dig into the facts surrounding Lorca’s brutal murder in the opening days of the civil war in 1936. There is good evidence suggesting that he was sought out and executed by groups loyal to General Franco. Garzón ordered the exhumation of the grave in which Lorca was thought to have been buried in a quest for forensic evidence. ¡Viva Lorca! ¡Viva Garzón! ¡Viva España!

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