The Old Song And Dance

Jonathan Chait confronts Kristol:

Kristol is reprising his role in the 1994 health reform debate, when he urged Republicans to oppose reform "sight unseen" rather than work toward a constructive alternative. His current advice is equally disingenuous. Kristol is saying that Republicans should raise objections about the speed of legislation, pick fights, point to foreign policy -- but not because they actually care about the speed of the legislative process or the other fights they're going to pick. It will all be a pretext to stop Obama's agenda.

Is this the kind of thing he should be admitting in public?

I'm still trying to absorb why the Washington Post would want to pick up a columnist fired by the NYT after an execrably dishonest series of partisan memos masquerading as journalism. Seriously: does Fred Hiatt believe Kristol's NYT columns were so good he had to get a piece of the action?