The Get-Condit Mob

Daniel Finkelstein on Gary Condit:

Is Condit owed an apology? In a feisty piece for the magnificent Daily Beast website GQ's Lisa DePaulo - described by the Beast as part of the get-Condit pack - investigates her own actions and decides, no, not really. After all, Condit had an affair with Levy and didn't answer some questions put to him by Talk magazine. So he can hardly expect an apology when suspected of murder.

I always love reading people justifying their own actions. The more unreasonable the behaviour they are defending, the feistier they are defending it.

Because I think it is obvious that Condit does deserve an apology.

In 2001, Mickey Kaus's blog became devoted almost entirely to insinuating that Gary Condit was a murderer. Among the many, many sentences Mickey wrote on the subject - largely mocking any and all who questioned Condit's guilt - was the following:

Kausfiles' goal is to have no unpublished thoughts on the Chandra Levy story.

But since Condit was cleared, Kausfiles' thoughts are unaccountably private.